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References & Testimonials

Here are a few of our loyal customers….

Kirk Guy
Minday Delvaux
Lucas County Family Council
Tim Harrington
The Ability Center
Scott Schnell
Marlene B. Nyitray
Tolson Enterprises
Donna Jahns
Pam Taptich
Paula Lynott
Credit Adjustments, Inc.
Beth Nagel
Bowling Green State University
Holly Spendthoff
Ridgestone Builders
Tony Colburn
Colburn Patterson
Rachael London
Thayer Automotive Group
Jeff Nofziger
Haas Door
Dan Steinberg
Vantage Financial Group
Larry Barr
The J. M. Smucker Company
Neil Garrison
Raymind James Garrison Financial

Here's what our customers are saying about us….

 “As a growing firm we need a local, responsive solution for our furniture needs. Kim and the team at Clair David meet that need for us – we call, and they are there for us right away.”
Kirk Guy – IPS

"Clair David Interiors are a pleasure to work with. We have done several projects with them and they are always the light at the end of the tunnel. With the great pricing and customer service, we will return every time"
Rachael London - Thayer Automotive Group

“The team at Clair David Interiors was fabulous in helping us with our office furniture needs. The follow up service has been outstanding and I look forward to working with them as our business expands”. 
Neil Garrison - Raymond James Garrison Financial

“For our recent remodel, we selected Clair David to assist us with the layout of the remodeled space as well as choosing the right furniture, furnishings, and wall coverings.  With their assistance, our newly remodeled office space met all or our needs and stayed within our budget. Clair David’s staff  were professional and responsive from the design phase to the final installation. Thanks for all your help.”
Tony Colburn - Colburn Patterson

“The Ability Center had an excellent experience in remodeling our large conference room. It was nice to work with folks that understand the constraints of our non-profit budget, and at the same time provide for a welcoming environment for our guests.”
Tim Harrington - The Ability Center

“Lucas County Family Council received functional product from Kim Marion and her design team. With their advice we have a work environment we are proud of.”
Mindy Delvaux - Lucas County Family Council

“It was a delight dealing with Clair David to furnish my new office building. Kim and her staff are extremely helpful and professional from the start to the finish. I was especially impressed with Kim's follow through making sure the finished product was outstanding. They have a large selection of quality options that will make your office shine!”
Dan Steinberg - Vantage Financial Group